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Program and Curriculum


Happy Faces Early Learning Center uses the Curriculum - “Creative Curriculum” for each age group.  Our program is built on children’s interest, learning styles and strengths. Our curriculum goals are to develop your child’s Cognitive, Physical, Social and Emotional and Language. We encourage literacy by making it fun and interactive. The librarian comes to our center once a week and reads to the children. Happy Faces has a very large playground and we take the children out twice a day for exercise when weather permits.  

We have visitors that come to our center:

Music for Life
Easter Bunny
Nature Show 
Police Officer
Humane Society

6 weeks - 1 year              
Happy Faces will provide a loving and nurturing environment for your infant. Each day your infant grows and is developing cognitively, emotionally and physically.  Infants learn through play. We have a variety of age appropriate toys to encourage play.  Infants have free play by themselves and interactive play with the teachers.  Our teachers are not afraid to get on the floor with your infant.  All equipment is cleaned after each use. Teachers communicate with your infant by talking, reading, and singing to them.  Every infant has a schedule for feeding and diapering.  

18 months - 2 year old's 

Happy Faces will have fun learning activities planned each day.  Your child will be introduced to circle time.  At circle time we sing short songs, read stories, exercise and use flannel board stories.  We do have messy activities.  Art projects are experiences through process not the product. Toddlers use crayons, paint, construction paper, finger-paint, glue, markers, glitter and stamps.  Your toddler will have free play during the day. Toddlers learn to make friends with their classmates and teachers. Toddlers become confident to speak their first words at this age.  Children learn through their experiences. Toddlers will be in a safe nurturing environment.


Two Year Old's 

Two year old's are very active / energetic and actively learning everyday. All children learn and develop at their own speed.  Some learn things very quickly and others learn a bit slower and this is normal.  Two year old's begin to learn how to make friends.  They learn to speak and listen to others.  Each day they are learning self help skills.  Two’s learn to be more independent and sometimes wish to do things by themselves without help.  Each child in our care is provided a safe, and nurturing environment.  The children have a daily schedule and it’s posted in their classroom.  Two’s have circle time each day where they learn numbers, letters, colors, shapes, songs, days of the week and about weather.  Creative Art,  story time, music or science and exercise are a part of our daily routine.  Two’s continually work on there social skills, physical skills,  cognitive skills, language skills and health habits. The two’s have indoor and outdoor play.  

Three and Four Year Old's
The classroom is divided into centers.
  • Science/Discovery Center -rocks, shells, magnify glasses, and magnets 
  • Table Games - assortment of learning appropriate games
  • Water or Sand Play - with measuring and pouring items
  • Blocks - assortment of trucks/cars, people figures, and airplanes
  • Music plus Movement - Exercising
  • Library - books on your child’s level
  • Dramatic Play- dress up clothes provided
  • Housekeeping - with kitchen set and utensils age appropriate 
  • Lego's
  • Lincoln Logs

Happy Faces will be teaching Three’s and Four year olds the following:

  • Pre-writing
  • Coordination Skills
  • To take Challenges
  • Pre-Math skills
  • Learn to make Friendships with Classmates
  • Develop Vocabulary
  • Writing by printing
  • Alphabet Knowledge
  • Social Skills
  • Science Projects
  • Cooking Projects
  • Reading Skills to promote Literacy
  • Small and Large Motor Skills
  • Manners and Respect
  • Communication Skills  - Speaking and Listening Skills
  • Self Help Skills / Independence
  • Health Habits

Happy Faces will provide your child with a Safe and Nurturing Environment. Threes and Four year old's each day have time to practice their writing/printing skills.  At circle time they sing songs, do flannel board stories, read books, tell about their weekend, go over shapes and colors, the weather, the numbers and letters.  They have time to exercise each day either inside or outside.  They have creative art each day.  Three and four year old's do easy science and cooking projects.  Happy Faces uses "Creative Curriculum" program to help educate your child. Early Child Care education is very important for your child. We look forward to having your child at our center.  Stop by anytime or call if you have any questions.


School Age Children

Before and After School 

“Clubhouse for Members Only”  

Come start and end your day at the Clubhouse for Members. Our teachers have a mixture of organized and independent activities.  We have daily routines set up for your child.  Happy Faces looks forward to meeting all your family needs for child care.

In the morning when your child arrives they will have the opportunity to complete their homework.  We realize that children have activities in the evenings to attend on occasions. Happy Faces stresses how important it is for your child to complete his/her homework.  If their homework is complete they can play in centers.  Sometimes we will play short games before leaving for school.

Once your child comes in from school he/she will have time to relax and enjoy a snack. After snack your child will receive time to work on their homework with support from their teacher. When homework time is over your child can play in different centers in the room. We have several computers in the room for your child to use. Weather permitting we will go outside

Happy Face’s “Clubhouse for Members Only” 
School Age Children Goals:

set goals
work on self esteem issues
anxiety and life’s daily stress
be independent
physically active 
team building / work together successfully
hands on exploration 
encourage children to be organized
responsible for themselves

There’s a school bus that comes to the center to take children to and from school.  Happy Faces owns a 15 passenger van. We transport children that are enrolled in various schools.  The van is also utilized during field trips for our preschool and school age children.

                                         We look forward to having your child at our

It’s easy to become a member. 
Just stop by the center or call for more information.

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